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Sunday, August 31, 2008

A zillion pictures of our 'ZOO TRIP'

The highlights were defiantly getting to see the baby giraffe. And finally getting to see our Black Bear, after searching in Yellowstone to no avail. The tiger was wild and crazy which was fun. Ever grateful for the protective glass as he snapped toward the small children!! Yikes!!
Bridger's love right now is, Tunnels...anything tunnel will do. Under passes, etc. And who knew how many tunnel's would be at the Zoo!! It was so funny as he pointed them all out, he will say see dark. As we drive under any under pass. He lets us know.."shade"~ He loved all the cave's.
We were especially excited about the Merry-go-round this year!

This Lion drinking fountain is my "one" memory of the zoo when I was a kid. LOVED it... seriously cool.

My little guys loved that big elephant since he squirted water! And made silly noises...

machine love, once again.

not at the zoo...LOL
cute and funny though...

Our train ride
Hewwo? Hewwo? ((King Con such a good sport!))

My token I was there self portrait...hee. yucky pic. o well
Thanks You for enduring our zoo trip with us!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nourishment for the soul

I finished reading Finding the Angel Within. I really love how Pamela Hansen shared so many personal challenges and is using her life experiences to help other people. Through out the book she quotes many of the leaders of the Church, and some of her dear friends stories and experiences. It just made me want to try harder and persevere. It really helped me take better inventory of my self, and try to improve upon some of those less than appealing human tendencies. We are never alone in our trials, even when it sometimes feels that way. Some of my fav quotes from the book:
Inner strength comes when we are willing to persevere. We can pray for increased strength that will come as we demonstrate our willingness to work hard to improve our physical and spiritual health. And it WILL come. Of that we can be sure!
from page 109:
There is no greater example of the way in which we should perceive ourselves and our mission here on earth than that of the Savior. And, doing the Lord's will brings greater happiness than can ever be found in the fleeting pleasures of the world.
Well...I can tell you my feeling towards the laundry is fleeting at this moment. But its calling..Ya'all have a blessed day!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Planes, Train's and Automobiles

We crammed in a ton over the weekend!! And it was all big boy and little boys 'stuff '
Just looking at the pic's again makes me need a chic flick kidding kidding...hee. I truly love seeing my boys enjoy all this stuff! Its a blast to see how excited they get and see there little mugs light up!

Little Connor
Big mama, and Brigg HOORAY FOR BIG AIR CRAFT'S

So an impromptu photo shoot at the tracks... I have loved the old tracks, but not really thinking through the boys clothing. I changed the color of the shirt the littlest one is wearing in this first pic during some editing. The rest of the photo's are original colors.

My Briggy loves he was pretty disappointed that one didn't ever come along!! And I don't blame him! I think this top pic is my fav of the bunch I may throw in a frame for around the house...the tracks just seem so boyish... I love it!!

So in this one below ya gotta love grunters tongue hanging out! Silly stinker...I also didn't crop this one ...i don't like that chain link fence in it..(just sayin')

Love my subjects...but I wish I would have gotten titch closer to them...
This is what most of the other pic's look like.. My crazy little monkeys
The sepia one is a nice thought, but I brightened too much...still wanted to share the idea...

36th Annual Utah Concours d' Elegance CAR SHOW

So my sis and her hubs had two classics's in the show and they both placed! One got 1st in its category and the other 3rd!! It was fun seeing both sets of grandparents there! It just amazed me how much my 3 year old's LOVED looking at all the cars! Its amazing how wired boys are to simply love machines!!

At the end of the day I always ask my boys what there favorite thing about the day was...

And Hunter said: "my favowet part was going on the truck ride with nucle Tom, and sitting on g'ma's lap. She has most yummiest gum. Mommy's gum is yucky."

Bridger's favorite part was the airplanes! He didn't get quiet enough of the museum. THEY CLOSE AT 4:30PM just warning ya 'all...freaking early!! rrrr its a drive too. sigh. And they start announcing at 4:15pm that your car will be towed if your not out "gates locked at 4:30." So many people didn't plan well like us. They too were mumbling in irritation ...hee...

So I forgot my camera for the car show but still snapped with the cell. Below is the truck my little Gunter was referring to! A golf cart! funny kid.

Look at my 3 year olds!! Seriously lovin' those car's...they are so my hubs bubbies...
so this one was taken with my hub's rockin iPhone...I am so totally jealous of that thang...although tiny pic...ahem..ha!

My sis and her daughters were manning the Tshirt sales booth..they were ROCKIN' it!! woot woot...I forgot to get pic's of her winning cars!! Darn. As you can see in the back ground my boys trying out the "not" merchandise, oopsie.
couple pic's of my hubs fav's...

My dad pointed out a few oldies that he said were very similar to his first car!!

grandma and papa B...she is amazingly strutting her stuff with her brand spankin new knee!! Way to go!! So fun seeing them there!
Of course the little man and I were eating the left over snow ice drinks from the twins...they are nearly like Popsicles...yum yum yum
Thanks so much for stopping by!! I love being able to share all the fun!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Our Harvest

So our plans for a garden ended up being one tomato plant!! Ha!! And despite its hostile environment here, it bears fruit! To give me hope and desire for a real garden! ha ha! We wanted to plant a large garden, but we have had a gofer problem and chickened out until its handled. We may just make grow boxes next year, if the little critters aren't gone. It was amazing to see this one tomato gleaming up at me. After all I have had Bridger bring me many surprise gifts: "LOOK MOMMY A GREEN APPLE, HERE YA GO!" Isn't he a sweetie!! So...and as Hunter has been pretty proud of the, what he calls "Our bean stalk" He named "tree" (cute huh) Anyway...this one little tomato plant has been a great teaching tool this summer. Despite the fact its to huge for its pot now. The boys have helped me water it. And they have had many many questions regarding how tall this Bean Stalk might grow. Watching there eye's access the miracle has been pretty sweet really. Despite the one attempted murder upon it. ITS A SURVIVOR!! WOOT WOOT
Here's to next year.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Its like a walk in the park...

The boys love anything outdoors!! They had so much fun feeding the ducks! We had a picnic with Grandma and Pa Pa B. here at Wheeler Farm. The boys were throwing rocks in the ditch...every time we looked up at them they were being so good. Not to be a kill joy, but I would hollar, "throw leaves"...hee. Suddenly NO SHOES...the crocks make great boats, "don't cha know?" We have already replaced them a few times this summer. sigh...we only found one shoe stuck in the tall weeds. I decided to keep it as a souvenir for the 'Summer of 08' Heehee. I also learned that stinging nettle was one of the tall weeds!! Youchie...dumb shoes. The boys loved the tree house at the farm. They were yelling from the window, momma want some pancakes. "OF COURSE" and some snowman drink please...(ya see, at Christmas time last year Hunter tasted Sprite for the first time. And the liter of soda had a snowman on it. So now its called Snowman drink at our house. I just love this age 3. They say the funniest things. He wanted to know what the two dots were on his chest. I of course said nipples. Well...later grandma came over and said look grandma (lifting his shirt up) "these are my pickles" I am also reminded by him lately that he will grow to be tall tall tall. He said: "Like a bean stalk grows." "I will turn man someday and chew gum." mom mom, I will turn man someday and drive, I will be tall tall and say "have a great day and fly away, but I will come back." (I giggle a lot during the day.) :)

So I finished Breaking Dawn a week ago or so! And I must say I loved it!! Big 5 stars from me! I am just sad its the last one. I am equally excited for the movie to come out on the big screen!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Unspectacular Me!!

Big thanks to Connie for the tag...nice! I work so hard at trying to seem fabulous! LOL here it goes...

1. Post these rules.
2. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
3. Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them

Only 6 quirks??? I could right a book! Hee!

1. Ice Feet! My unspectacular self attempts to warm my tooties by snuggling into my Hubs. Poor guy gets tortured.

2. I CAN'T SING! But the unspectacular-ness is you can't STOP me from singing...:) I am a singin' machine.

3. My oh so itchy throat. When I eat dairy my throat gets sooooooooo itchy. I let out this freakish monkey screeching noise that scratches it! The neighbors usually call 911, my kids cry from the monster yell. And my hubs runs for the hills. GEEZ guys...SORRY! (my not so feminine moment)

4. Mosquito/bug hate hate hate. I will itch even without being bit. I will end up slapping my self in fear of one landing on me. I will do a HORRID skeeter dance. Its almost a ritual. I can't be stopped.

5. So... Popsicles are meant to be eaten by the dozens right? Well, I save effort and just grab 5 at time. Unwrap them stick em' in a bowl...awh..feet up. Unspectacular cavities and sugar coma.

6. Big Big bubble love. I LOVE CARBONATION...even as unspectacular it is for our health. I love the refreshing treat it is to me. I even have unspectacular guilt...BURP....o dear.

Ok...I am tagging,
Tonya Powell, Manda, Stephi,Pam!,Star, Tara?

Monday, August 18, 2008


Rare copy of Declaration of Independence displayed at our Capital on Fri. and Sat. On the news they mentioned all the patient people who waited in line to see the rare peace of our nations history. We were not the patient ones they were referring to!! Ha! With our little wiggly worms we had to keep on the move. Although we still enjoyed the peek and all. I had hoped my zoomed snap copy would have turned out better. It was still a fun experience!

Here is a link to the news paper article of the event.

The boys were calling the capitol a castle, hee. I was so curious why that family dressed in the appropriate attire of that century. They looked so cute and patriotic I snapped a pic. hope they don't mind me sharing it. We ended up seeing a few more folks all duded up from that era. Was cool.
So this was some of our "goings on's" over the weekend...