My hubs on Good Things Utah Aug. 24, 2010

Monday, February 23, 2009


A long drive SOUTH....well worth it!! We had a blast!! BIG HUGE SHOUT OUT TO MY SIS and TOM!!! Thank you so so so so much for letting us stay at your VA-K home in St. George!! And Star and Jeff, thanks for being so hospitable! It was so fun to get to hang with ya.

Ok this little guy was GLUED to this kite in a tube!! He even slept with it!! He was EXTREMELY excited to finally get to fly it! As he would say it "WAS AWESOME!!"

Thank you hub's for driving us so safely!

first thing we did was put on swim we are waiting for the hot tub to warm up...hee

Cute cousin Taya joined us, she is a DOLL!!

On our way to dinner we passed by this cute store called 'Life is Good'...... darling old fire truck, the boys were in love. And after all...LIFE IS SOOO GOOD!! ahem, most days.

this is before BED..hee...had to get it out just to see it!!
cruzin' the littlest dude run's sooo fast..he had a chance to knock on the neighbors door (oops) and they just so happen to be expecting there grand he flung the door open and there huge lab just about toppled Little man to the GROUND!! Was sad in a funny sort of way... Seems to me everyone is friendly down south...I kept saying we should so move here..LOL The neighbors hung out and visited for a spell.
I flew down the hill on the side walk with my grunter! Those things are FUN!! I want to get some for home.

We had planned to get the pizza to go. Then my hub's came out with a pager! It was a pleasant surprise how much stinkin' fun we had at Pirate Island Pizza! The Waitress said a few are opening in our area. Anyways...the pirate hat's are the kid menu's!! LOVE'~ And they start off with a mighty' treasure! Full of gold coins..(token's to suck you in to the fun arcade) It totally worked, and we had a blast!!


Ok this was mama's favorite game! Shooting these riffles was too much fun! And it was only one token!! It was kinda like lazer tag system, but to my surprise when i hit the target on the water barrel WATER CAME OUT!! This place is so so cute! It reminded me of the Mayan Restaurant but ship stuff, and Canon's etc.

Zion's National Park
And a great day to fly a long awaited kite!! This is something my little Grunter carried around with him for days. He earned it and worked hard for it!! So it was very special to him!

My boys love tunnel's. "Even" going under under passes!! It was exciting that the tunnel through the mountain was over a mile long! They are still talking about it! he

Go fly a kite

3 Little Monkey's

Our hearts melted as little guy recognized Christ. "He exclaimed: JESUS'TH" We stopped at the St George Temple and Visitor center.

On the left are 4 of my fav men. Beautiful Temple.

thanks for peeking in on all of our fun!

Monday, February 16, 2009


PaPa and GramB went with us to the Children's Museum! We never get tired of this place!! So much to see and do! And it was a cold blustery day...little man here was looking out at it snow, for all of one second and he was off and playing!! It was so fun to see there imaginations go crazy in the small grocery store, water play, and all through out the Museum!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

V is for Valentine

I have been busy being blessed with my sweet boys!! We made cookies, a heart chain a mile long for the kitchen, and made Valentines for some friends!! How was your V day?

Proverbs 15:13

A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance

My hub's help make the boys sweet Valentine to there mom! I am so blessed!