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Monday, December 29, 2008

Oh holy night...

I forgot to share the most special part of Christmas eve.
Daddy reading the story of the Nativity from the Holy Bible.
Next year I would love to reenact it with the kids. Any suggestions on how to
accomplish this with 3 little dudes? hey 3 wiseman, good idea!

Here the boys are modeling the new pj's grama and papa gave them over the monkey jammies!
ha! They LOVE those spiderman jam's THANKS GRAMA! TOO cool.

Clearly the boys are great at reenacting the sword fighting they saw on Pirates of the Caribbean!

big squeeze.

Tis' the season to be JOLLY

FA -LA-LA-LA-LA la la LA
Is anyone else adjusting to Firefox browser? I can't seem to arrange photo's on here like with Explorer. I also am having trouble starting my text (before) the pic's...o well...

So the kiddlets must have been MOSTLY nice. Because SANTA CLAUS CAME!!
And the Leapsters have been a huge hit! Actually everything Santa brought they have loved! And even played with them longer than two seconds! I am loving it!! And as the miricle of the season would have it, the boys are even getting along better!!!!

Isn't Gramp's theeee most festive!!?? We had a little Christmas eve party with them.

the boys opened there Christmas Jammies from us.

These are of Christmas morning...

Assembly required...hee

This is the only pic I got of my folks Christmas dinner, every room had a table set up in it... I think one of the boys changed the settings on my camara so in all the pic's, everything is fuzz! woops. This dinner has been a long tradition with a million kids, grand kids, and great grand kids. And a million fun gifts from grandma and pa pa. And silly fun games. The dinner is always so YUM!! And my mom and dad's long time fav, but my dad announced this would be the last year in there home. There family is just too huge! Wonder where we will gather next year? humf? Please notice below the red and green punch glasses, this will be a long time fav memory of this special dinner, and all the special fixin's. Thank you so much Mom and Dad for always working so hard! You are both such awesome examples of true charity. I love you!
It was so fun having my Brother from AZ and his family in town!! And we were able to attend the temple with his soon to be missionary!! Sooooo exciting!!

More festive pic's....

Huge fun sledding...

Preschool Christmas program! Such sweet kids! An awesome teachers!


It was actually a Ginger bread party! They did a great job! It was so cute!! ((ahem and funny))
Thanks for looking in our fun!!
This is only a few of the pictures I took!!! But honestly...enough already...hee


Sunday, December 21, 2008


What a FUN afternoon!! I took the boys to see their daddy's office!! Which happens to be very cool!! The exposed brick and the charm of this old building is worth sharing. Isn't it Fab?
The boys had a blast! We kidnapped him for lunch. As it turns out, daddy had big plans up his own sleeve! And surprised us with a fun train ride, and a ROCKET ride, a cone and laughing silly time!! And a visit with SANTA HIM SELF!!

Their is more than one reason they call Provo Happy Valley!! All of us were just that!! Just look at all the charm and cute factor!! Even the Mall window's and awesome view of snowy mountains, and festive-ness ....awh...just a fun afternoon!

THANKS BIG DADDY... (he hates it when I call him that) heehee

Align Center

Ok.... the only reason i am in this Pic, is little King Con was completely FREAKED by the white hairy man....
Mama made it all better! And I had my quick chance to tell Santa I need for nothing! I feel so blessed this season. Wonderful and supportive family and friends!! And I mean that with all my heart...sniff sniff
Have a blessed pre-Christmas rush!
And if I fail to post before Christmas.
Have a very Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! It is so hard to believe my little twinner's are 4 years old!! They seemed to have fun at their Doggy bash!! And it looks like the guests had fun too!! I personally had loads of fun preparing for this!! Big thanks to all the cousin's and friends that came!! And even bigger thanks to pa pa and daddy for making the AWESOME bean bag toss!!
((I need a serious nap)) of pic's!! Too fun not to share them all...

pausing for a memory...they were 3months old here
and tiny...My little squishies...LOVE!