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Monday, March 30, 2009

And along came my HANDSOME prince

Happy Anniversary rowww!! You really are the Love of my life!! I love you sweet heart!! hubba hubba....

Who says fairy tales do not come true?

And I would say 'Yes' again and again!! I treasure you and our life together...I look forward to many years to come!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"76" Trombones in the BIG parade

My cute Mom turned 76! Woot. Her birthday is on St. Patty's so its safe to say every year for her birthday we are the lady trio in GREEN. I attempted to round up all the years past but only could find a few to share....So many different shades of green...hee We always have fun together lunching, visiting, shopping..visiting giggling...
Good Things Utah

So right before this pic was taken my mom accidentally elbowed my Sis in the face
and she said to the Photographer, "HURRY BEFORE THE SWELLING STARTS" It was a funny moment...glad we caught us all laughing!!
The time we went to the Cheese Cake factory I will forever remember the scrumptious Halibut that we all 3 ordered that day!!! What was it called again? I want to remember to order that again, it was seriously the best I have had in a long time! MAUH!! Love' hangin with my Mom and Sis.

Lovin' a little Cafe Rio'


Gardener Village

tiny tiny picture, argh!! Anyone want to give me some tips how to enlarge a photo? LOL My twiners were babies dressed in the cutest green striped Jammie's...

Awesome grandma!! Our gram's with the GUM. As the boys put it!! She always knows how to have a little fun with everything! She has blessed are lives beyond measure with her Christ Like attributes and example.

Our very patriotic grandma!!

A grandma that shares books and is so snugly.

One very hard working woman!! And going strong!
My mom makes everything special and beautiful!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


It is so hard to believe our littlest dude is 2! I always hear parents say how fast time goes and to really enjoy them!! It is sooo true how fast time is flying by! But, it is really easy to enjoy this little guy. He is a total crack up!! He really has blessed our lives. And he adores his big brothers! We took the boys out to celebrate at Fat Cats...then hit the Pizza Factory. LOVED those bread sticks!!!!! We had a fun afternoon!! And fun celebrating!! Happy Happy Bir"f"day!

Grampa and Grandma still got it!! woot!!

Little man is a MAJOR fan of Mickey Mouse...he recognize him anywhere!! So once again...I attempt the bday cake. I have made a lot of really dumb cakes. But this one actually turned out kinda cute...:) It was from my teddy bear face cake mold...hence the small ears...hee.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh Sunny Day!

Awhhhh....Spring fever has officially arrived!! We had several WONDERFUL days out in the warmer temps, running, jumping, swinging, sliding, biking...all the good stuff boys are made of. I knew all it would take is a snowy cold day like today to get me to share these pic's :)

I can hardly stand how cute the happiness is caught on my little mans face!

Three little monkeys jumpin' on the tramp

crash bikes...NOT a game the mom's think up! slam! boys...

weeeee....this is a park with in walking distance of our home!! LOVE it'

Our new Temple. Established in 2009. As a family we went through the open house and the boys were surprisingly reverent! Very windy day...this would be those warm "OH SUNSHINE DAY's" no longer. But a very memorable day at that!!