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Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer fun

So Here we are enjoying a BBQ at Grandma and PaPa B's. It was a special occasion getting to spend a little time with my hub's brother and nephews. I personally haven't had a lot of opportunities to get that acquainted with them as they have been living out of state. Now they are living here and I am so excited!!! He has 3 brothers...

This one is random but summer fun all the same! Getting to swing in the laundry baskets around here a daddy carnival all the same!! He is such a fun daddy!! Weeee... this was my beaming happy joy joy to finally drag my hub's with us to the local Drive-In theater!! jammies...popcorn...goodies!! So much fun!!! We saw the new disney film "UP" everyone enjoyed!! Even the reluctant hub's THANK YOU, sugar...wink

4th July fun

Big helper cleaning up our snap mess! Even the big men loved this one!!

Murray parade!

Ettie's pool. I am still hearing about Etties pool!!! My kids had a blast! Thanks Sis and Tommers

fun days

Murray Parade again...
My cute folks!! We are a festive bunch no? The boys had so much fun!! We all caught so much candy too!! woot!! This year it was soooo pleasnt! The temp and no bugs! And thanks to my parents a sweet spot in the shade! Thanks for our mcd's breakfast!! I truly enjoy hanging with them!!!! :)

I hope you all had a great holiday!