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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Gardner Village has become a little family tradition to get us feeling festive. We are regulars now over 10 years!! And it just keeps getting better. Last year we attended the the cackling contest! The witches that mill around are SERIOUSLY the cutest witches ever!! The boys had a blast playing "I spy" a witch, a pumpkin, etc... This first pic is my favorite every year the one flying across the pond with her legs just a peddling. One year we went to there mystery dinner/play, with all their 'who done it' cast. And it was pretty fun and spooky. Oh-and musical. Gardner village keeps us festive!! And love the shopping. And fudge. And i could go on and on. Its just decorated so well. BIG thumbs up.

cat and mouse chasing each other under this big purple mama witches dress...we were all trying to sneak a peek as she LIFTED her dress!! o my.


So I didn't snap a pic of every witch, but there are so many!! And they all make you giggle!
there is a few student drivers...smashed or lodged into the building! And many many more, the kids love it. And so do the big folks...:)
thanks for checking in on us :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Littl' punkin party

awh... one big happy spooky family! We had some carvin' pumpkin fun over the weekend. We danced & boo0gied to the Monster mash and Thriller, the theme song to Munsters and all sorts of spooky tunes!! hee. We Gobbled up some yummy Chili in fun orange colored bread bowls! Topped off with too much pumpkin pie, pumpkin, cookies, and cupcakes and candy! Good times! Thanks to all the came and made it so so much fun!! :)

spooky brew...

cutie pie's Braden & Mckell

some serious pumpkin carving!

Goooo Nuncle Tom!

All the pa-pa's and Drama's came!! Everyone did a great job on carving...

1st prize for originality!

carving carving carving

Kar's friend "Z" got best for difficulty!

Hub's got best tattoo on his...

mom & sis

our spooky creatures we made last night :)

Oh almost forgot our end results.... spooky FUN!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma B

Happy Happy Birthday!!

We love you Grandma!!

Here's lookin at cha Grandma B
silly face for the Birthday girl

High 5 for grandma B

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Well Deserved Applause

I had the opportunity to sneak in on one of my hub's lectures at BYU. I just told them I was with the press. hee He was invited as a guest lecturer on ebuisness. Web 2.0 etc.
It was so fun, and interesting! He did such an awesome job and it was great to see him in action. Thanks hub's for letting me tag along.
Well, since I was acting like a fab reporter I thought I would follow through and report. Job well done!
My handsome hubs...

Monday, October 13, 2008


so I wouldn't want to contribute to Stephi's peeve without acknowledging she tagged me :) So here it goes!
How To Play This Game of Tag: 1. Post these rules on your blog. 2. List: 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself. 3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.
1. sleeping (i remember really enjoying my sleep) when was that again?
2. watching my kids sleep...awhhh
3. Spending time with my mom. Its so easy and relaxed. Even if its nuts around here when she is over, I just love hangin' with my mom!
1. Well the reality that we all will die someday isn't exactly scary. But the pain I feel while even pondering the thought about losing a loved one hurts so so bad. I fear or maybe dread that day.
2. I fear my kids will turn out like I did. LOL
3. Ok this is all just too deep of stuff, I save this kind of confession's for my shrink...LOL I am stopping at 2 fears!
1. well, its no secret that the DUGGAR mom is like thee most nicest! Calm. Sweet. Loving... I want to be just like her. Minus the ugly dress. (sorry) My jim-bob fur sure wouldn't be diggin' that drobe.
2. continue writing my children's happenings in our family journal...(i tend to be one of those types that isn't a finisher...) blush
3. debt free is a major family goal right clippin' is my middle name. Its almost a hobbies of sorts. Even before the Nations crisis. sigh...
1. I obsess about words that fly out of my mouth. Of course the obsessing part doesn't come into play until I can't really say anything about it, ya know after I am home or driving away from the scene. But sometimes if it bothers me enough I will call the person and let them know my true hearts intention. So it wont keep me at night! Personally I think everyone does this...LOL...and your a big fat lier if you say you don't...LOL...tee hee...see now I will regret writing that!! I seriously crack myself up. awhhh gotta love it!
2. On a more simple and pleasurable note. I collect Willow Tree statutes.
3. On a more collection/weirdo note. I save almost empty tubes of random things, makeup, toothpaste, I have big baggies of them!! Because in a total DEPRESSION I may cut the ends open and get out the last 2 to 5 uses. Now come on...not a horrid idea!??? right? ahem.
Random surprising facts about me?
1. Well I was a Star. Thats right. On a professional drill team. hee...we preformed for L.A. Lakers half time, BYU Hawaii half time, jazz half time, (obviously before the jazz dancers, hello dinosaur disco mama here..LOL) and many more fun experience's with the SALT LAKE CITY STARS.... woot woooooo I refer to those days as my Al Bundy days....anyone else get that?
2. Humf... well I am sure I could shock the pants off ya...but like I tell my kids. ITS ALL ABOUT CHOICES...AND I CHOOSE TO STOP HERE.
sarah the Hamblin
tonya...shout out to you girlie!!
sharon !!
Makes ya more committed to those darn goals lurking...HEE HEE


lil'King Con no longer bothers with walking! Its all running for him! Ha! He is always making us laugh. My few fav's right now is his cat impression...EEEEEyOW, so cute!
And everymorning when he gets up, he hop's on his rocking chair in his room and says: YEEEE HAWWW! So funny!! Lovin' our Con Con.
We have all been sick with colds and coughs. And weird childhood illnesses like HAND FOOT AND MOUTH. Spiced up with a little asthma. GOOD FUN! 'not' yikes!
So in just goofing off around the house I snapped a few of the older boys in the Halloween costumes. "my super hero's!!"
So I can barely get lil'grunter to take off his Batman Costume!! He begs to put it on! So funny!! I woke him from his nap the other day and I said: "Time to wake up Batman" he looked up at me with a big smile and said: "I AM BATMAN" then sprung up to rescue and conker. hee
Bridger in the last pic was SURE he had super strength ((showing off his big muscles)) his costume is drowning him! He almost looks like a sumo wrestler...hee
I just love my lil' dudes...this time of year is so magical.
Despite feeling ugh and ill. LOL I have so much to be grateful for!
We have been blessed with so much!
My quest to find the positives in a pool of insanity...LOL
Now you go have a BLESSED DAY!! :) :) :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So, as I was preparing dinner last night. lil'Gunter came in from the back yard all excited and said "LOOK MOMMY A BEAUTIFUL ROSE! Its for you, Mom!" Awhhh... then Briggy trucked in with two more! Cute little dudes...
My roses/ aka mum's LOL
Although I realize we are suppose to teach our kids to not 'pick' the flowers, I must say this is one of those days I like to call a "payday"

Friday, October 3, 2008

Emergency Preparedness

So we attended a Emergency Preparedness fair last Sat. Of course the only pic's I took were of the huge Fire Truck (cuz it was the coolest.) The Fire woman was so fun and helpful with the boys. Briggy was upset he didn't have his Fireman Hat, and he just KNEW the siren's would be going off any minute, so he kept his ear's covered. And helpful zGunter was attempting to PULL Briggy's hands away from his ears. Which made Briggy screech as loud as the Siren would have. fun stuff
Boys will be boys though, they were in heaven getting to climb in and look around inside.
Look at that cool sticker badge

And here is our food storage in the making

We finally got our 55 gallon water tanks on Sat. whoo hoo! The lack of them really was keeping me up at night. And with all the disasters going on around the world. Well...I must say it feels better to be more prepared! We have been working on our "on the go emergency" stuff too. Its in the garage ready to split if we needed too. I call it camping gear..LOL We still need to ad some clothes, running shoes, and cash.

Here is some of the things we reference too. Family Home Storage

I am so grateful for the leaders of our Church advising us to be prepared.

If ye are prepared ye shall not fear, D&C 38: 30

Thanks for checkin in with us!! :)

So does anyone have any great tips they can give me? Who knows about those water purification tablets? And so its every 6months we will need to replace the water in our 55 gallon tanks, right?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Singing, Dancin, and Sliding in the Rain

Another fab find at the dollar tree. I had been waiting for some rain so the boys could have some fun with these umbrella's. The thing is. They kinda well...trash most everything. So now the umbrella's are garbage and bent with dangerous poky things everywhere. But that's why I was so excited to see umbrella's at the $1 store. And having pic's that keep on givin' well. It was money well spent. No?

So doesn't everyone have an ugly chair? Oh, well we have two. But they recline, awhhh