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Saturday, September 19, 2009

So they have kernels and everything!

amazing NO?

just a peek...

SOOO... Royally charming collection.

So I guess the jewelry story isn't really THAT interesting....but since this is my blog and I promised. I guess I will ramble a spell.
So the story goes a little something like this....
I hate clasps on my bracelets..I have zero patience or time for such ...saw some bracelets I LOVED but I thought were too $$ and it had a darn clasp!! I started tearing apart some necklaces I didn't wear much and converted them into bracelets! ((i am so green!)) And then..a new hobby was born... Then my so 'very' hip and vogue sister gave me a darling charm necklace for my bday. So I started in on the charms...wala...not that exciting of a story but hey...the best part was when I was showing a couple of friends all my jewels they said I want that one ..."HOW MUCH?" and I actually sold a piece that was MINE! And a titch of sentimental jewels on it even...but it was a beginning to fun little venture. So I am grateful. AND CHA CHING...$ hee It has snow balled beautifully :)
Thanks for checking in!
Have a blessed Day!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

End of Summer glance...

So the Garden has done pretty good. Next year I wont be planting things myself or my family wont eat though..LOL!! I am happy to announce we have a pumpkin hiding in there excited for FALL!!! woot :)

my hubs with his new BFF Senator Bennett. ha ha... My hubs actually receiving a thank you gift from him. He had the opportunity to give some lectures at a business conference. I was a tag along...He did a great job and the LUNCHEON was yum LOL Good job hubs!!

recreation What studs! rowww

Fruits of Labor

Being the only chic at the table equals being in the middle of a peanut shell launching fight HEADS UP!! Texas road House OPENING WEEKEND!! Very busy and LOUD my boys totally didn't stand out I was in HEAVEN. :)

From running through the sprinklers to picking the produce...He LOVES to chop it up!! Now to get him to actually EAT it. hee

We got to see a lot this particular day. Jeep's roaring there engines, digging through the mud sinking in the lake and I guess that is called 4 wheeling tricks? All 4 of my guys were in heaven!!

sunflower's finally blossomed...

bowling at Fat Cats Our grunter man kicked it and won!! All my little guys LOVE bowling!!

Look how hard it is to take turns...the pain...

Murray soaking it in before it leaves us...LOVE sunshine!!! blast!! All of it!

My Lynners pool...totally summer is over? Gotta love my pink mom shorts!! hee love em' !!!

So I have been busy with preschool starting...having the twins in two different schools is keeping me running!! That and I have started making jewelry!! I freaking love it too!! And people have been have been MAKING ORDERS...its amazing and I didn't even mean to start selling it.?? I will tell more of this fantastic story later when I post some of the little jewelry pieces ....I am going cross eyed from lack of sleep right now though...nighty night