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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer Vacation

Our very first R.V. expedition with children, of our own I might add. We were so excited!! And it really is a great way to travel with tiny kids. The drive was a titch long, but ended up being so worth it! We saw such beauty and wild life. Well the wild life isn't exactly beauty to me, but it is amazing, I love watching the kids see things for the first time. Our grunter kept saying "so much jungles" hee hee We search and searched to see black bears. But they must have still been snoozing and confused by all the late snow fall.
We did see a wolf, bison (moose looking to me) a nesting eagle, deer, and more and more bison calf.

Love the gate? So did we...
King Con was a total trooper!!
We had lots of fun new games and toy distractions for the boys. They were so excited by the R.V. that they NEVER fell asleep for naps!! Not until late that night. Everyone I spoke with before the trip said...awh kids crash after while ...ahem...
Exciting sign. It was official, we had arrived!
Nice stranger took this one below...the roar of that river was amazing. And the fence wasn't safe enough for my worrying, but still breath taking.
Amazingly beautiful
Look at the death grip I have on poor Brig (he is our wandering soul) so I had his hand extra tight, poor guy wasn't happy with me.
Meet the nesting Bald Eagle...very cool!
And sweet hub's showing the boys the Eagle threw the binoculars
Below is the only pic of Jackson Hole we shopped and went swimming and stayed a night there, but forgot to keep snappin' photo's

Hunter grunter's and Briggy's first sleeping bags...awhhhh
attempting to see 'OLD FAITHFUL' blow.
In between there cute heads you can see Old Faithful steaming.
I was in the R.V. to making lunch and missed it. But all my stud muffin's got to see it!! And I technically have seen it. ( thank you, discovery channel) hee

photo-opp cute old bus
Bridger was so excited to see the bus!!

Look at con con poor dude is bored out of his mind.
Daddy and the boys are attempting to roast hot dogs!! LOL...they just kept sticking them right on the burner....yummmy
That's a few pic's of our fun Va-K !! Big hugs and kuddo's to my hub's for getting us there safe to and from. Even with all the screaming excitement behind him. We are survivors...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Children's Parade

When I heard of the Children's parade, I of course think back to my own childhood memories of the fun kid parade's that I had participated in. As did my hub's, we talked about how fun our own experience's had been, etc etc...then when we arrived, I was floored at the mass of people and kids. It was huge crowded fun!
Watching the boys faces was so funny as they were trying to take it all in. They did so great on there bikes! And King Con and I were champs. At the end of the Parade they had a magic show. woo hooo good times...a first for all of them!

Friday, July 25, 2008

tesing my new template

Pleasnt Surprise!

So who would think a couple that paid thousands and thousands of dollars on infertility treatments for years, would have a pleasant surprise such as a "free baby" teehee... Well that's what we called it anyway!! But we know with out a doubt he is a true miracle. He has already blessed our lives with his sweet personality and charm. This little miracle King Con was born a healthy 8lbs!! I had never thought of the twins as sick when they were born...go figure a mothers love I suppose? Or possibly just bliss to motherhood? anyway... So seeing a big fat baby did my heart good. Looking at his big robust chest in this pic, awhh gives me the joy joy. "Defiantly a fav moment.'

I wanted to share a few pic's of his special event. King Con's first birthday!! woot Woot.

Seconds old in this pic... My hubs, with Dr. Irion

Dr. Irion always makes things fun!!

And handsome Hubs...hubba hubba

mommy of 3 boys...welcome Con Con While I am becoming a new mom, my sister is holding her GRANDCHILD! gulp

Here with my mom, niece Starlyn and my Sis w/cute Taya.

The ice bag was for my HANDS... the only thing that was actually hurting!! Well hurting the mostess'

Mom and Dad B Happy for a new little bundle. Connor couldn't be more blessed!!

And Dad,mom, and sis...Everyone so cautious to keep our big baby KING CON well. (thank you Sarah H for helping me w/his nick name) heehee My big bubba...

Ok ...I had to post my most FAV CHUBBA BUBBA pic...Our squishy

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Infertility the journey, the miracle's!

Amazing to see these little guys pictures, even still.

First day of life on planet earth....welcome.

They were both on oxygen for the first 24hrs, but were breathing on there own! I still remember the wisking them away the moment I gave birth. It was so scarey. They were 11 minutes apart and delivered without c-section. My hubs was such a support to me! And he didn't even pass out! :) The boys were in the NICU for over 30 days, with eating issues learning to, suck, and swallow with breathing involved all at the same time. Forgetting to breath often and, they really struggled with reflux, Hunter had it worse. Both had several brady episodes which were horrifiying. We had thee best nurse on the planet assigned to us though 'Cara'...she totally rocks. She probably doesn't realize what a blessing she has been in mylife. Anyway...there really are some pretty great people out in the world. sigh.... Bridger & Hunter (oops should have cropped pic..)

Brig and mommy

4lbs 9oz (hunter grunter) Hunter got his nickname the day after he was born he was scooting all over the isolate, moving around and scooting!! And grunting as he did it...he has been our grunter ever since. And if you know might agree it fits him. hee hee

3lbs 4oz (Briggy)


An afternoon at the petting zoo, now that's good fun!! Sally the pig was the highlight! You can see that woman in the background of the first pic hosing Sally off. That woman was a HOOT! She was making us all laugh, she also said she raised Sally since she was just a little pig. Sally broke her leg when she was born so she had to be babied, she also freaked me out by sharing that she sometimes crawls in Sally's stall and naps with her!!! She defiantly must love that pig. Yikers!! heehee...

So cool that the goats and sheep were milling around us. Briggy had made a fluffy sheep with cotton balls at school. So he was very excited to meet one up close.
Come back here? hello?

Although Bridger is usually our dare devil, he didn't want to ride on a pony this trip. So Mr. King Con jumped on. Z'Grunter said " Mommy, i no scared dis time" He is getting so brave!!

Tis fine mama didn't need to be in the pic anyway....teehee NICE, hubs.

Meet Sally the PIG
Another fav moment of mine to look down and see both boys plugging there nose without prompts from me, by the way!! Defiantly city boys! ((o dear...))

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So many no no's, never enough time!

The things they do to keep us on our toes I tell ya!! I wanted to start off my new blog by sharing some funny pic's of the things I caught em' doin!! Ahem....these two are my oldest, twins "The Grunter" and "My Briggy" They are 3. They turn 4 in Dec. My youngest "King Con" will be two next March. Of course they are all the light of my life! They keep us in stitches laughing! Oh and pulling my hair out as well! I loved thumbing through the pic's trying to find the crazy ones. Here are a few...

Oops left the cornstarch with in his reach! POOF!
Everyone should try this at least once, right? Empty out your own tissue box, GOOD FUN!!
Sheer talent, no? Getting along in this one, awhhhhh.
See mommy, I color riiiiiight der.
and der.

Pretty,huh? ((seeeee talent)). Thank goodness for the magic eraser!