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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memory Park

West Jordan Memory Park on Memorial Day.It was a very nice service to honor the Military Servicemen. There was a true reverence. And even some fun stuff little boys love! Getting to watch a Apache helicopter land was extremely exciting for my boys. And the canon's blasting off, etc
We were so excited to spend the time with both sets of grandparents too!!
As both our dad's are Veterans..."Our personal hero's!! " It was a very moving program. Senator Hatch gave a very nice speech and the music was very moving...
We managed to squeeze in our BBQ and running around the park too. All and all big thumbs up for this holiday weekend.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Just enjoying the weather!! A little picnic with some bird feeding...It is so nice to be able to get out and enjoy...

This was so funny just standing around excited to use the umbrella's! HeeHee just follow the leader :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My portrait Priceless

What an awesome mothers day!! We spread it out over the weekend! It made it so much more enjoyable getting to spend Mothers day with both my Mom's and my family. I have so many pictures to upload but never enough time. So here are a few note worthy memorabilia I will treasure forever! My hubs was so so good to me!! Took care of dinner and the dishes!! And then today really took on the kids while tons of family were here making it more possible to visit. I am so so grateful for MY mom. And all the Mothers!! And especially those with a mothers heart who aches for children of there own. I was one for many years...Its strange how that pain is still kinda there when I reflect upon those years? humf. Anyways...My heart is over flowing all the same!! I hope all the Mothers felt honored today.
I love you mom's.

All this is even better than a macorni necklace. Which I will treaure all the same! And I am serious!! hee :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Summer is around the corner...

Just a few random pic's...getting excited for summer!!!!
I have been busy painting my crafty room. Its so much more cheery now! Still bunch of cleaning and putting back ta-do, but I thought I better do a shout out and ASK is it--- SUMMER YET?---- Its taking forever to get here. Today was rainy..but we have had some GORGEOUS DAYS!! Its sooo nice to be able to play out side!

These pic's below are from 2 summers ago. So my youngest is now the age of my older boys in these pictures. So I think my youngest will be in for some fun. I personally love eating too many Popsicle's. And BBQing...I can smell it now....
Ok so one of my boys "FUNNIES" as of late is calling my hub's (DUMP TRUCK) thats right...then he will hand him things and say: "here recycle this!" heeee