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Monday, October 26, 2009

As the leaves change SO are the days of our lives...

Loving this seasons gorgeous fall colors...this year seems more beautiful to me? AnyWHOO, we went up little cottonwood for a nature walk..we collected a few fallin' leaves and pressed them in a book, which was one of the Mr's idea.

Through out the weeks I finally realized my camera lens was gooey. (hence the hazy ones)
We actually attended the Cornbelly Farm before it moved to Thanksgiving point, a few years ago. We are SO happy they can provide us still with such a fun tradition!! My boys are still talking about the fun.
So inbetween attempting to keep everyone healthy we have managed to get out and enjoy the seasons BEAUTY!!
I hope you are all well...its been crazy busy starting all this jewelry bizzzz...LOL
Thanks for checking in on us!! :)