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Thursday, August 19, 2010

@ a GLANCE....Summer 2010

Long time no post, eh? is a little catch-ya-up. The first pic is of Fathers day...follows pics of the ZOO, Boating, Children's Parade where the boys were able to decorate their very own bikes!    My cute mom helping me sale sale sale jewelry...I posted  some randoms also.   Then some pic's of our fun Camping trip, although I do enjoy a camping theme like last year. This year the kids wanted to call it : "PIGGY BANK CAMP" but I was fresh out of pig decor idea's I figure the hot dogs were decor enough. hee....forgive the laps in time...I have a terrible time balancing the act. As I have uploaded this post, the amount of "things" that have been dumped and spilled are well, amazing!! LOL

I hope all is well with your families...We have had a fun summer, spent a little time at my sisters plush pool, we had loads of Otterpops/Popsicle's, picnic's @ the park,  and also enjoyed the smells of LAGOON (hee) We plan to squeeze in as much fun as possible the next two weeks....I hope you have all  enjoyed your summer too!! Kindergarten is just around the we are busy getting ready!! :)



Michele said...

Looks like you have had a superb summer! I miss seeing you and your boys.

melaniewatkins said...

great pics of an awesome summer! Your blog is great! I enjoyed seeing you and your family in the look so happy!

黃怡君 said...
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偉DimpleHolloway043昀 said...
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ivan koki said...

Thanks for posting this. I wish it was able to be translated, but for some reason Google
toolbar isn't working. I copy pasted it into another application and read the post. )))